Transparent Aid is a non-profit organisation with a network of members working with transparency and sustainability to improve conditions for vulnerable children at risk.

Our objectives are:

  • To raise funds and provide transparent support for activities that help vulnerable children at risk
  • To act as an informative and consultative party to all stakeholders with a genuine interest in helping children at risk
  • To understand and comply in our daily work with the UN convention on the rights of children
  • To act transparent and sustainable, to prevent and fight corruption
  • To provide donators and the public with information and accurate facts about members in our network
  • To disseminate information about organizations that do not act according to existing ethical guidelines

Our guidelines are:

Members with interest to participate in this network must respect and comply with these basic guidelines – Become a Member >>.

For more information contact:

Jari Kinnunen on: or phone: +46 730 222 040.

Our statutes, constitution, etc. (only in Swedish):