Sagarmatha Educational Academy is a private institute nearby Chhahari in Kathmandu, Nepal that provides about 470 children with education among them the children of Chhahari. (

Vision – Democratic world citizens

Children and learning is our future. Our vision is to create democratic world citizens with an understanding of the digital society through sustainable learning with the help of digital tools and content in a developing, practical, social, ethical and safe manner.

  • We want to develop a school in motion. A school that is part of society, where the student, learning and development are in focus, where learning is real and happens all the time and everywhere.
  • We want to develop a school that welcomes students’ natural curiosity and where technology allows for new world-class teaching and engagement.
  • We want to develop a school that is in front of the digital development of society and conducts education in the surrounding social, professional and digital networks.

With many years of experience, we want to share our knowledge to everybody in the learning world. Through relevant research, we take action to help schools develop into the future.


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